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We at Al Dorman Insurance are excited to 50 years of proudly providing exceptional customer service, building and strengthening long-term relationships, in some cases spanning generations, as well as nurturing the new relationships formed more recently!   

Where would we be with out the roots and foundation of this company? Stemming from the transition of partner of Smith, Dorman and Williams to an Independent owner, Al Dorman had the vision of building a local community brokerage where he resided and was recognized as a pillar within the community.  Establishing relationships was his strong suit and still to this day we have clients that started with him from the very beginning, 50 years ago!  

Karen Armstrong joined the team in the 1986 and never looked back. After working for Al, and then Neil Gow, Karen made the transition into an ownership role. She was already the head of operations at Al Dorman Insurance so this was an easy decision for Neil to make in selling her the business. For many, many years, Karen continued to provide exceptional service and was successful at growing her business.  Like Al before her, she kept active in the community where she too was recognized as a leader. 

Her son Curtis joined the team with the aspiration of continuing the business as family run and growing in our small community. And after 8 years of learning the ropes the opportunity came to purchase the brokerage. At this time Curtis was looking for a partner as he knew the challenges of the industry and the importance of having the right people in place would be key to its ongoing success. Who better than someone who had worked previously with Al Dorman Insurance before going on her own journey to achieve a very high-level executive role within a much larger organization?  Marlaine Miller was approached on the idea of partnering up and without hesitation she jumped at the opportunity. 

Since 2016, Al Dorman Insurance has successfully opened a remote office in Ottawa and we have doubled our staff.  We are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to expand and flourish in this very competitive space. With the most cutting edge and robust systems, best practices, and providing non-negotiable, client focused exceptional customer service, we are recognized as a pillar of an insurance brokerage, Ontario wide. In addition, we strive to remain an Independent brokerage rather than selling out to a large conglomerate where customer service levels take a back seat.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience our team and our service, we strongly urge you to take the time to drop by our office, call or send us an e-mail at Knowing who we are and what we represent I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. We look forward to keeping this tradition of good old-fashioned service going for another 50 years. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be apart of our Al Dorman family as that is how you will be treated!


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