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Afterhours Claims

If you have experienced a claim that is NOT urgent, we strongly recommend that you contact our office during regular business hours as we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with advice “prior to” reporting your claim.

However, if your claim is urgent please call one of the following numbers:

Echelon Insurance: 1-866-252-2854

Edge Mutual: 1-519-741-3084

Intact Insurance: 1-866 464-2424

Hagerty Insurance: 1-866-922-6569

Heartland Mutual: 1-800-265-8813

Nordique Insurance: 1-800-668-1000

Premier Marine: 1-800-235-8784

Travelers: 1-800-268-4551

Wawanesa Mutual:1-844-929-2637

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