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Why do I need homeowner's insurance in Ontario?

In Ontario, homeowner's insurance is required for anyone with a mortgage on their home. Even those without mortgages are recommend to purchase homeowner's insurance because it is important to protect such a valuable investment and your personal liability. Homeowner's insurance protects a not just the home's structure, it's contents, and other structures but it also protects the insureds and their immediate family residing with them, with personal liability. See more details below. 

Why choose Al Dorman Insurance Brokers for your Homeowners Insurance?

At Al Dorman Insurance we know that your home is likely to be your greatest asset. We want to ensure the security of that asset and make sure you have the right coverage. Every home policy is unique and coverages vary with many different options. Our knowledgeable staff will treat you like you are our family.  We will thoroughly discuss what is involved in getting your policy set up and what is covered and more importantly what might not be covered. This will help you make decisions on how to prevent a claim from happening. Should a claim occur we are here to stand beside you and guide you through the tough process of putting things back together. No one wants a claim to happen, but they do and we want to make sure you have the best experience you can have in an unfortunate situation. Don’t leave this up to a large company where you are just a number on the books. Come be a part of the Al Dorman Insurance family and make sure you have the security you need from your insurance brokerage.

Standard Coverage Highlights

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Property insurance covers your structure, the foundation, and walls.

Design Furnitures


Your personal property such as furniture, clothes, and electronics are covered

Law Review


Liability coverage protects you from lawsuits resulting from negligence on the premises. 

*Disclaimer: Subject to specific policy and exclusions. Talk to your broker.

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